I-30 Matress Outlet

I-30 Mattress Outlet in Mount Vernon, TX celebrates 22 years in business

I-30 Mattress Outlet

Let’s get down to the facts!

  • Does a mattress have you in sticker shock over the current price of quality bedding?
  • Is your mattress worn out, lumpy, over 10 years old, but can’t manage the money to layout for the perfect mattress set you need to get a great night’s sleep?
  • Are you tired of the bait and switch advertising you see for bedding?
  • At I-30 Mattress Outlet you do not have these issues.

I-30 Mattress Outlet is not like the rest

Unlike the big boys in the market such as Ivan Smith Furniture, Hess Furniture, Blake Furniture, and other fancy furniture stores in the area that have most if not all of the following

  • High overhead
  • Try to impress you with fancy store decoration
  • Commission salesmen
  • Limited IN-STOCK selections
  • So-called Free Shipping that is added into the price
  • Bedding is just another item they offer

Get your best sleep for a great price

At I-30 Mattress Outlet, we choose to save on expenses and pass those savings on to you. We only sell bedding such as mattresses and bed frames. It’s all we do, and we know our products. No commission salesmen, No fancy store decorations, 99% of our normal stocked items are ready to take home at the time of purchase. We stock every standard size in most cases, even the king mattress and California king mattress in most cases.

We carry some of the same brand names as other carriers, such as Corsicana Bedding, Sleep Inc, Ashley Bedding, and others. But our prices are typically 20-30% lower every day than their so-called sale prices. I-30 Mattress Outlet pioneered the “sleep shop” concept when we opened the doors of our first store in Dallas, Texas, in 1976. That one grew to 5 locations before moving to Mt Vernon, Tx. Our East Texas showroom provides customers a choice over department stores and furniture store high prices because selling a good night’s sleep is all we do. We are experts at helping each customer find their perfect mattress.