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Florida Resident ” Rusty Rhodes” plans to take back the beaches May 2nd

As the shutdown has many sitting at home, a Florida resident, also well known as “Jacksonville’s Rock & Roll BBQ Meteorologist Corona Virus Reporting Guitarist”, Rusty Rhodes, has announced a take over of the Florida beaches with hundreds of thousands of people. Leaks of the event were posted to Facebook as a way to promote his Rock & Roll band as his gigs have been canceled due to the shut down. Mr Rhodes, the self proclaimed lead Guitarist for a local band called Ricochet Baby. Little is known about the validity of this claim, as his Facebook profile lists various music gigs as Former Guitarist at Britney Spears, Former Guitarist at Bite The Bullet, Former Guitarist at Fireproof, Former Guitarist at Ipso Facto just to name a few.



The Gov. of Florida has stated social distancing is still going to be in place, but Mr Rhodes says he will defy this order as people need to be closer then 6 feet to get some BBQ from his single plate grill.  When ask how he planned to feed thousands of people, it was reported he said, he hoped his band would take the peoples mind off eating, and walk over to the tip barrel. The National Guard and State Troopers have been put on alert, much like the Storm Area 51 fiasco a few months ago. Sources have reported that Mr Rhodes was a behind the scenes part of this fiasco also. But unconfirmed.

In another story Britney Spears has denied all reports that she would be appearing at the event. Her manager has reportedly sent a cease and desist order for stalking and spreading false rumors of their appearance together, thus tarnishing her name and income.

In another post Mr Rhodes intends to run lemons in to ribs as show in the image below. He states he has done this in the past and says feeding tens of thousands of people will be much cheaper this was as lemons are cheaper then ribs. He gave the image below as evidence of this feat but no before image of the lemons was available.



More details will follow as the date comes closer.